Tea and Yarn swap

Eintrag vom 2.10.10 

My husband and I are sitting with a cup of tea  and eat a very delicious Earl Grey Tea Biscuit. Yummy, I can say.

I have this morning the package picked up from the post office from Littlemy .
What a beautiful parcel :-) !!

In the parcel I found:

A beautiful tea towel by Herdy
100g wool - Misti Alpaca
2 packets of black tea
1 packet of Earl Grey Tea Biscuits
1 packet Chrispy Cheese Cracker
1 trailer for a key
1 beautifully scented soap
Mustard powder
and …. I am very happy: MARMITE :-)

Thank you for the wonderful gifts. I’m really happy about it.
I’ve never tried Marmite, which I will do tomorrow morning for breakfast. I will then say whether I love or hate it.

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Thanks again for the wonderful gifts!


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