Magic Ball-swap

Yippee … my package from Laura is there. What a surprise. And a lot of effort she has given itself :-)
Thanks Laura.
First I have a photo book of Edinburgh, a recipe book “Scottish Teatime Reciepes”, 2 cookie cutter, lace at a small bag, and Thistle Tea found.
image title
And of course the Magic Ball.
image title
image title
Now wrap and wrap, wrap ….
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See for yourself what I’ve found …
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Two more cookie cutter, one penny, Chilli Seed Mix (Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds)
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a handmade flowers - pin, a pin-Alpaca, a small tea bag directly, four beautiful stitch markers, shower gel and shampoo.
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And finally a small chain pendant (globe)
I hope I have forgotten to list anything. 
Laura you have really given you very very much trouble. Up to last you have everything wrapped up. It has given me much pleasure to see how the many beautiful little things came to light.
Thanks again, thou hast prepared me a lot of joy.
Ah yes, the wool is, incidentally, fits very well with my hair * lol *
Jaura sent me regional wool from their homes. Scottich 100% wool, spun and hand dyed.
Thank you

Ich bitte mein schlechtes Englisch zu entschuldigen.



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(11.8.10 20:54)
Oooh, sowas auszupacken sieht nach Spaß aus ...

Heike (11.8.10 21:15)
Ja, das hat auch Spaß gemacht